Actaris Metering Systems - Neptune

Actaris Neptune

Actaris is a worldwide provider of meters, systems and services active in all utility sectors: electricity, gas, water and heat. Successor to Schlumberger Resource Management Services, Actaris employs 8000 people in over 60 locations worldwide. With annual revenues over 750 million USD, Actaris is the largest provider of meters and systems in the world.


Since their origins in the 1890's, the products produced by the Actaris Liquid Measurement Division have been known for accuracy and reliability. Today, Actaris is committed to providing their customers with practical, reliable metering systems that ensure efficient, fair, and secure transactions.

The dependable and accurate Neptune oscillating piston design has long been the meter of choice for refined fuel delivery. The straightforward operating principle requires few moving parts and results in a robust and durable mechanism. Combined with the E4000 electronic register, the Neptune LP gas meter delivers the highest accuracy and reliability attainable in mechanical metering.

The E4000 electronic register continues to modernize truck metering operations. Designed for compatability with emerging automation technologies, the E4000 also offers immediate benefits over mechanical registers. Its improved accuracy and efficiency mean less loss, providing a fast return on investment and safeguarding future profits.

With the recent release of the Neptune RML1000 mass flow meter for LP Gas delivery, Actaris introduces fully electronic custody transfer management. With no contacting moving parts to wear out, the RML1000 provides dependable, maintenance-free service.

In refined fuel bulk plants, the Neptune inventory tracking system brings all product flows under measurement and control. Coriolis mass flowmeters measure every liquid-phase flow and vapor return loop and relay the data to a central monitoring computer. Custom software provides a detailed log of every event, and can be interfaced with accounting software or monitored remotely to track the status of every process in the plant.

Actaris also produce a variety of measurement products for industrial operations such as food and chemical processing. From mechanical meters and registers to Coriolis mass flow meters and electronic registration, Actaris Liquid Measurement has a solution for virtually any application.

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