Like in earlier years, THP is supporting a Dutch charity around Christmastime.

This year we have donated to Kika. This organisation helps to finance research on all forms of cancer in children.

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Algas introduces new Zimmer vaporizer.

The well known Zimmer vaporizer has been renewed by Algas. This means, for instance, that the small, lightweight vaporizer has a larger vaporazation capacity than its predecessor.

Looking for more information on this new Zimmer? Check our website at ' vaporizors' for the brochure or visit the World LPG Forum & European Congres in Amsterdam.

32nd World LPG Forum & European Congres in Amsterdam.

This event will take place from September 24 untill September 27, 2019 at De RAI.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rai amsterdam

Amsterdam is chosen because ' Europe is widely perceived as a global leader regarding initiatives to increase the use of alternative fuels and reduce air pollution.' and ' The Netherlands is a globally recognised logistic hub for the LPG industry, playing a key role in the LPG supply to European markets.'

The European LPG Congress is the main annual event for the LPG industry in Europe. It brings together companies from around the world and showcasing the most innovative products. The World LPG Forum is seen as the premier global event in the LPG calendar.


THP is sponsoring De Hoef Sportief !

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Our Decemberdonation has gone to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij.

Their volunteers rescue people in trouble at sea and on lakes and rivers. This organisation doesn't receive any money from the Dutch Government and is depending on donations from the public and businesses. 

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New at THP: Tub o' Scrub

Tub o' Scrub removes grease, oil and tough grime without water.

The soap contains no petroleum but uses a walnut shell formula which doesn't block drains or irritates the skin.

Tub o' Scrub is a new Gasoila Chemicals product, in Europa exclusively available at THP.


On the first Sunday in July, there's de Hoef sportief, THP is one of the sponsors.

 Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de hoef sportief

This year the Congress of the AEGPL, the  European LPG Association, took place from May 31 'till June first . The AEGPL celebrated it's 50th anniversary, and chose the glamourous location Monaco. Unfortunately all flights from Amsterdam to Nice were cancelled because of the bad weather,so THP couln't make it there on time.

Transportation will be much easier next year because the 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress will take place in Amsterdam.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor aegpl 2019

As all Dutch people know, the gas extraction in Groningen will be stopped around the year 2030, because it is causing many earthquakes in the area. There are various alternatives for natural gas and a good one is propane. Propane can be modified into a product with the same caloric value as the Dutch natural gas. Our supplier Algas-SDI from Seatlle, designs and builds systems that modify propane, the so called SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) units. Big advantage of using the SNG units is that the users don't have to make any alterations to their gasunits.

Sean Guichon, Algas engineer was invited by THP to do a presentation about SNG systems, which toot place at May 23.

For more information: of contact us.

For our decemberdonation, this year we chose ' het Longfonds' .

This charity finances research for the prevention and the cure of lungdiseases like asthma. They also campaign for clean air and healthy lungs.

For more information:

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