Our suppliers

On this page you'll find all our suppliers. If you're looking for valves, gauges, thread sealants, vaporizers, pumps or remote control technology, all our suppliers stand for good quality products. So get to know our suppliers and their products. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us.

Since 1923 RegO product fabricates appendages and equipment for the liquid gas industry.

For 25 years Goddard produces a large scale of valves for the cryogenic market.

The Belgian company Rochester Gauges International was established in 1967 and produces gauges for different usage.

Algas-SDI produces a wide range of liquid gas vaporizers in the United States.

RCT designs and fabricates sensors and electronical parts for monitoring liquid levels in liquid gas and water tanks.

FAS is a large producer and supplier of appendages and installations for liquid gas, established in Germany.

Corken Inc. is specialized in the development and fabrication of compressors, pumps and accessories for the liquid gas and industrial market.

The American company Smith Precision Pumps is specialized in the development and fabrication of pumps for the liquid gas industry.

The Canadian Base engineering Inc. designes remote control technology for the petroleum industry.

Coprim is established in Italy and produces, for instance, regulators.

Smart Hose Technologies (USA) has developed the Smart Hose which shuts off the gasflow immidiately in case of an hazardous situation.

The American company Gasoila produces thread sealants, penetrants, lubricants, gauging paste and ’ tub o towels’.

Red Seal Measurement manufactures a range of measurement equipment for industrial use.

Full Circle fabricates hose end swivels and swivels that can be used on hose reels or loadingarms.

Boldrin designs and manufactures appendages for liquefied gas, ammonia and natural gas.