Remote control systems

Check the contents of your tanks by radio, for example on a display at home or office. A battery-powered transmitter measures the fuel level and submits it regularly to one or more receivers. The system is especially appropriate for aboveground and underground liquid gas tanks and all heating oil tanks.

Rochester Gauges also has different remote control systems to measure fuel levels. Different alarms can be set for different fuel levels. For every situation, there‚Äôs a sensor available. Please contact us for more information.

Radio remote controls for LPG and Refined fuels

The products from the Askw series developed by Base Engineering make it possible to fill up a tank from a distance. The handheld transmitter is used tot operate the truck. This way, the filling process becomes faster, easier and saver. When a problem occurs during filling, the emergency button can be hit on the transmitter, which immediately shuts off the flow.