To get enough vaporization you sometimes need to install a vaporizer, for example when it isn’t possible to use larger or multiple tanks to get enough natural vaporization. In that case a vaporizer can be the solution. There’re different types of vaporizers available. It takes some thinking to decide which one is the best for your situation. Not only the purchase prize, but also the purpose of the vaporizer is important when making a decision.

Below, you’ll find more information on the different vaporizers. Some of them we have on stock.

Second Sun

The Second Sun is a flameless, gas powered, catalytic LP-Gas heater which is self-contained and requires no electricity for operation. The LPG tank heater is designed to boost temperature/pressure and increase vaporization in a LPG storage tank. Startup energy is provided using jumper cables from a vehicle battery. For more information, check the brochure or contact us.


Zimmer is an innovative, easy-to-use  LPG vaporizer. This vaporizer requires minimal space and has flexible mounting configurations. The vaporisationcapacity is 25- 150 kg/hour, depending on the type and the ambient conditions. For more information, check the brochure or contact us.

Direct fired vaporizers

By design, DF Series direct fired vaporizers apply heat directly to a pressure vessel containing liquid LPG. The heating process induces vaporization, while consuming a small amount of the vapor generated. DF – Series vaporizers ensure a continuous vapor supply to your application.


The standard Torrexx is a single core, dry, electric vaporizer. No start/stop switches are used. When power is applied, the vaporizer is on and ready for operation within seconds! Heating elements are cast “in-situ” in the aluminum core. For more information: contact us or check the brochure.

For more information about vaporizers and which vaporizer is most suited for your situation, please contact us.